Marmalade Ice Cream

To follow the roast chicken I decided to make some home made ice cream. I have an ice cream maker – a birthday present from my friends Calvin and James – which churns and chills the ice cream as you make it. It doesn’t completely freeze it though and I usually find that a couple of hours in the freezer helps too. You can eat it straight out of the maker but it’s a very soft ice cream. Also last week Vanessa sent me a delightful little book of ice cream recipes. The book is quite old fashioned in style but the receipes are clear and easy to follow.

1 pint of single cream

3 egg yolks

4oz caster sugar

8oz dark, coarse cut marmalade

¼ pint double cream

Place the single cream in a pan and heat to just under boiling point.

Whisk the eggg yolks and sugar together until fluffy and then whisk into the hot cream.

Place the bowl over a pan of hot, but not boiling, water and stir until the custard thickens and can coat the back of a spoon.

Remove from the heat and stir in the marmalade until it melts into the custard.

Leave to cool.

Whip the double cream until thick but not stiff and fold it into the custard.

At this point the recipe tells you to pop it in the freezer but I poured it into my ice cream maker and churned it for about 30 minutes. This made a very soft ice cream so I then transferred it to a tupperware and stuck it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

It’s a really nice recipe – the dark, bitterness of the marmalade contrasts nicely with the rich, sweetness of the mixed creams. And the little bits of thick cut peel that you get in the ice cream give it an interesting texture. I felt it was a little too marmaladey though – I think when I make it again I’ll use 6oz of marmalade rather than the suggested 8oz. I guess you could use a slightly lighter marmalade but it still needs to be a dark marmalade as a light marmalade would be too sweet. (I’ve written the word marmalade too many times now – it looks weird!)

Marmalade Ice Cream


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