Crema di Limoncello (Creamy Limoncello)

After I made some clear limoncello for Alberto a couple of years ago for Christmas, and gave Mum and Dad a taste of the leftover, they’ve got quite into it. They’re particularly taken with the creamy version and so I decided to make some of that for them for Christmas this year. I found a recipe online and it was simple to do – to my surprise the creamy element was just sugary milk – no actual cream at all.

1 litre of unflavoured vodka
Zest of 15 lemons
1 pint of whole milk
500g of caster sugar
A few drops of vanilla essence

Bottles, a kilner jar, a lemon zester, coffee filters, a funnel

As with the clear limoncello recipe I detailed a couple of years ago, the first part of the process takes 2-3 weeks and involved getting the lemon-y flavour into the vodka.

Pour the vodka into a 1ltr kilner jar and then zest 10 lemons directly into the vodka. You need to ensure that you only get the zest from the lemon, not any of the white pith which can make the resulting drink bitter.

Once you have zested the lemons, seal the jar, give it a good shake and allow to stand for two weeks, shaking daily.

After two weeks, filter out the zest, discard and then zest a further 5 lemons into the vodka (which will now have a lovely light yellow tinge), shake, and leave for a further week, once again, shaking daily.

Once a week has passed, filter out and discard all of the lemon zest.

To make the cream place the whole milk in a saucepan, along with the vanilla essence. Gently heat and slowly add the sugar, stirring constantly until all of the sugar is completely dissolved. (Do not allow the milk to boil – gentle heating is the key!) Once all the sugar is dissolved remove from the heat and allow the liquid to cool to room temperature.

Once the sugary milk is cool slowly add it to the lemon vodka, tasting regularly until the correct flavour is achieved. (I didn’t actually use all of the sugary milk, but I probably only had about 50ml left over.)

Bottle. Refrigerate. Drink. Enjoy!



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  1. Chris chester says:

    This is tasty

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